Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Election challenge - Democracy

Since it's Election on Saturday we are learning about Elections. We had three different challenges to do and they are...
1. Political Party
2. Prime Minister
3. Democracy
This blog post is about Democracy. Did you know that Democracy is is originated from Greece and the word demo is the word demos in Greek and that Demos mean village. The word Cracy is the word Kratia in Greek and that means Rules, Power and Might,

Elections - Prime Minister

Did you know that election is this Saturday? Well it is. So since it election LS2 ( Learning Space 2 ) were learning about Elections. We had 3 Election Challenges to do.
1. Political Party
2. Prime Minister
3. Democracy
This blog post is about the second challenge, Prime Minister.

What we had to do
Our task was to create a DLO on a particular person who was a Prime Minister in the past. 
Here is our DLO... 

Election Challenge

Election is just on Saturday and this week LS2 were learning about Elections. There were three Election Challenges for us to do. The first Election Challenge was called Political Party. This blog post is about the first challenge. The second challenge is called Prime Minister and last but not least, the third challenge is called Democracy. Here is the task we've completed => Political Party

Monday, September 18, 2017

E-Book Day

Today is 18th of September and it's read an E-book day celebration and the site is  HereToday for Tamaki Overdrive I was reading a book called CatBug Dreams and things, It's about a cat with wings dreaming things if he/she see's eggs and hotdogs he dreams about crazy things like going to space and seeing a centipede-Bunny. Overdrive site Overdrive. #EBOOKLOVE 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Say It Tika

Since it was mouri language week our class decided to set our task and using the site called it was helpful because we're trying to find words that is in different places with hard words to say. I chose KareKare beach because I thought that they are gonna say the words properly but they are saying it wrong.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Food tech

Today at food tech we're making bacon and egg pie for our second day, my partner was Mataio, Fraidoon. Our teacher was Mrs Heka and we had to follow the rules to make the  bacon and egg pie. We had our own roles and my role is to dry the dishes and getting the cheese and spaghetti , Fraidoon roles are making sure that the table is clean and cutting the dough in circles and  Mataio's roles are washing the dishes and getting bacon.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Petronella and The Trogot

This is a book about a a girl and a monster and she is watching trying to find out if the tree is a monster and After that the boy said "loneliness makes you think weird" and she does believe it so she is thinking of the monster all the time. I read this book from Tamaki Overdrive. I really enjoyed using this site

Kiwi Can: Taking Risks

Today we had kiwi Can. This week our subject for Kiwi Can is taking risks. Taking Risks is basically being nervous for example: rock climbing is can be risky if you think that the harness is not tight enough when you started. Mr Malu and Miss Latoia gave us an activity. It was bip, bop, bounce, the rules are when Mr Malu says Bip, bop, bounce you had to say bang before they finished saying bip, bop, bounce.
After that we played a game called hand soccer, we had to use our hand instead of using our feet and pass the ball to each other before scoring a goal. This was working together as a team, we had lots of fun.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

How To Stand Up A Bullies

Bullying is not okay. When you see someone getting bullied stand up and speak out. Today my friends Mataio, San Kyaw, Tiava, Lyric and I created a animation to send a message about bullying. When you see someone getting bullied don't just stand there. If you're getting bullied stand up for yourself. Don't look down on someone unless you're going to pick them up.

Learning To Use Synonyms

Today for writing Joshua and I worked together to make this Synonyms DLO. We had to change the words from the text to make it better. We used google to find more interesting words. E.g:
My dog flew happily
My dog flew gladly  

Monday, September 4, 2017

Read Theory - Five Types Of Trash

Today I have been doing read theory because it helps us with our knowledge, reading skills and vocabulary. I have been reading Five Types Of Trash it's about people in Germany having  having five different recyclable bins One is for Card board. The next one  is for mental and plastic. The third one is for glass. There are often even separate bins depending on the glass’s colour. Green glass gets one bin, clear glass gets another. 

Friday, September 1, 2017

Why Is Great To Be Me?

Its great to be me because the Fun things I like playing with my friends and making some new friends to. I really want to complete all of my goals in life. We have created a Word art about why its great to be me. We needed to work in a group of 4 or 5 to complete  this work. We had some fun doing this task because we had to think of some words that would be fit to put in our word art. Some of the words were kind of tricky because we couldn't think of words that start with the letter's X, Y, Z and W. 

food Tech

Today at tech we made an Oreo milk shake for our first day. At tech we had a new rotation and we're doing cooking. We need to have to get into 2 - 3 groups. My partner was Fraidoon and our teacher was Mrs Heka. We had to follow all the instructions to make an Oreo milk shake. We have our roles and my role was to dry the dishes, measuring the milk and measuring the chocolate syrup. My partners role was to get the ice cream, getting and crushing the Oreo and also washing the dishes.
 ingredients to make the Oreo milk shake

 - One packet of Oreo and crush it with a bowl
 - 2 cups of milk
 -  2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup 
 - 1 full cup of ice cream 
 - Mix all of the ingredients in the blender 
 - Pour it into a plastic up or glass and put some whip cream on it 

Friday, August 25, 2017

Career Quest

This week we are searching for careers that we really like. I chose the career called architect. Architect is  a career that you designs buildings and in many cases also supervises their construction.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

You've got 2 minutes

I see people playing basketball, and I see the ball in the air like a gun aiming for the hoop I can see people playing handball and I see people hitting the ball by smashing the ball like with the a bat I smell people's I can smell people's bad odour when they are sweaty from playing around. I hear juniors playing at the playground like they are in the markets. I can hear balls bouncing everywhere and kids yelling “Pass Pass” I feel the sun's heat like a i'm swimming in lava. I taste the saltiness when I run around. I taste my tasty bread and my lunch made by me.

L.I to think about how I can work/phrase my ideas so they are clear

Today at writing we did You've got 2 minutes it's about you use all the 5 senses and we had to use the 5 senses to create a story about a somthing

Cool Facts About a Hot Place

The sun helps us survive because it can help the plants grow. We’re so lucky that the sun is here because it can keep us warm and shares it’s sunlight to make the moon brighter so we could get light at night.
Today I read a book called cool facts about a hot places and I really enjoyed reading the book because and I learned new vocabulary from this book.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Evaluation Of My Animated Digital Story

Evaluation of My Animated Digital Story
The digital media outcome will be an animated digital story in ‘Scratch’, relating to the context of Healthy Living in the Tamaki community.
The animated story must include the following:
  • Information on that informs readers about concepts relating to Healthy Living in the Tamaki community
  • At least two sprites
  • At least two different backdrops

My Animated Digital Story is about Picking up rubbish and being healthy
My Animated Digital Story relates to the context of Healthy Living in the Tamaki Community because picking up rubbish so our environment will be healthy and clean so it will not pollute and exercising to make your body strong and healthy.
My Animated Digital Story informs readers about concepts relating to Healthy Living in the Tamaki Community by telling people not to litter so it will not pollute
My Animated Digital Story includes at least two sprites.  These sprites are Giga , Pico , Amon ,apples ,
My Animated Digital Story includes at least two different backdrops.  These backdrops are Basketball court and Pathway
I think that readers will enjoy my Animated Digital Story because Pico and Giga will try to make the environment healthy and safe and how to make people healthy

Changes and adjustments that I could make to improve my Animated Digital Story include better sprites , backdrops and giving the characters scripts better.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Maths Flextangle

Today at maths our class did a different activities. We did the Flex-tangle. First we had to draw a patterns next we had to colour the patterns. After we finished colouring we had to get a ruler and a scissors to line up the side of the patterns. Then we fold it to make the Flex-tangle.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Yesterday LS2 were learning dance for our school production, our teacher was Zoe she teaches us the dance moves and steps. Then we got split into 3 groups then there are different songs in each group are  called Staying alive, I see red and Footloose. When we learned steps and dance moves Mrs Anderson took a video of us dancing. Today our group practices again and we was able to rewind our dance from yesterday. 

A and An

Today we were learning when to use a and when to use an before a word. If a word begins with a vowel a-e-i-o-u or a silent h (Hour). We use an. This photo shows when to use A and an then I added a picture so we will know when to use a and an and that shows the sentences that I did about what I have learnt about during my writing session.. 

Friday, August 4, 2017

Winter learning journey

During the winter holidays I took
 part in the winter learning journey. Rachel came to our school and talked about the winter learning journey. If we have the most blog post we are gonna get prizes. Certificates are for the people who participate. The who people who blogged the most are Daniel and Oh Hsen,  The people the came second place are AJ and Alex then the third place people are Ofa and Eric. I really enjoyed the winter learning  journey. Thank you Rachel for making this happen.

Digi Tech

Today at tech first we had to fill up the code then enter our full name and Miss Anderson said we had to read all of the steps to create animations using scratch. After reading it we answered all the question next we created our own animated story on scratch of throwing rubbish is bad for our environment.  

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Fractions- 10 questions

    1. 85 people from PBS went to a Warriors game. ⅕ of them got to meet the players. How many people didn’t get to meet the warriors?  
    1. In Thailand there were 80  boats parked along the shores ¼ of them sailed away to find fish. How many of them stayed?
    1. 24 students went to the shop and ¼ came back to school. How many people stayed at the shop.

    1. 45 people went and played handball. ⅕ of them went to have something to eat. How many of them are left playing handball?

    1. 28 People from PBS were given a piece of pizza. 1/7 did not eat any. How many people did not eat any pizza?

    1. 36 people went to the NBA finals. ¼ did not get picked to play in the finals. How many people went to the NBA finals?

    1. Freeman had 300 pens he had to share ½. How many does he have know?

    1. Affonso had 18 pieces of pizza. He had to share with 7/9 of his pizza with others. How many pieces does he have left?

    1. They are 500 apples Josh had to pick 2/4 of the apples off the trees. How many are still on the trees?

    1. P.B.S got 1000 bananas they had to share 4/8 with other schools. How many do they have now?

    Today our group collaborated to create some fraction word problems for our friends to solve. It helped us think about the strategies we use for finding fractions of whole numbers, and it will help them practise their strategies when they find the answers.

    Friday, July 28, 2017

    Respect DLO

    I have made this work to show people how to respect other people. If you respect others and others they will your friend and they will be kind ti you. I have finished this work as part of my CARE Awards and this is for my respect badge,

    Wednesday, July 26, 2017

    25 word

    Telling others their story by telling them how to learn Maori language and to pass it on to other  children so they can imagine the story.

    This week Tai and I worked together. I did the 25 word summery on the google slide and the question was why is it important to keep oral story telling alive after that bwe had to tell the whole class why.

    Tuesday, July 25, 2017

    Myths and legend

     Tai and I created a comic stip using Storyboard That. We made this to practice using diologs to show the audience than telling about what is happening on each scenes. We had to make a comic strip about how Maui slowed the sun. We found challenging to choose the correct background for each scene. We also found challenging to find matching colours for the peoples.

    Wednesday, July 12, 2017

    Activity 2 Tour Of New Zealand

    •  City of sails 
    • The regional park
    • Piha beach 
    • Auckland domain 
    • Auckland zoo
    This work showed you my top favourite places in Auckland that I watch in the video.

    Tuesday, July 11, 2017

    New Zealand Facts

    With a patchwork history of Māori, European, Pacific Island and Asian cultures, New Zealand has become a melting-pot population but one with some uniting features that will make it unique in the world.

    kiwis love the great outdoor
    For the same reason that many visitor come to New Zealand, Kiwis have developed a passion for the outdoors and delight in activities that make the most of the Amazing and beautiful landscape, and kiwis loves camping too.

    Today, of the 4.4 million New Zealand people (as  known as Kiwis), just About 69% are of European descent, 14.6% are indigenous Māori, 9.2% Asian and 6.9% non-Māori Pacific Islanders.

    Friday, July 7, 2017

    Assembly certificate

    Today at assembly Miki and I received a certificate for being sustained effort because we were working hard hard this year. 

    Duffy books

    Yesterday we all got our Duffy Books.The book I chose called tom gates. I got my books from scholastic, Thank you scholastic for giving us our books. Remember it's cool to read.

    Ball Donation

    Today at assembly there are two guest and they are Jennen and Cory and they donated us received lots of balls donated us a bag of soccer balls and 50 netball for next term.

    Needs and Opportunities - Problems And Solution

    For  our Needs and opportunity  - Problems and solutions task we had to write a problem and make a solution of the problem each boxes has different problems and solutions.

    Needs and opportunity  - Problems and solutions
    Keys stages and time frames

    Thursday, July 6, 2017

    Dance DLO

    Today our group Fraidoon,Ofa,Mataio and I Made a presentation about our dance. We just need to learn new moves and we need to work on our timing. The most Challenging thing for us is our dance moves  in time with out music.  

    Tamaki Wrap

    Today I did Tamaki Wrap, Tamaki Wap is the people trying stop using plastic bag because it could be harmful. We talked about using a fabric bag. You can use your fabric bag by bringing them to the shops, you can use your fabric bag by putting your groceries in the bag instead of using the plastic bag.      

    Wednesday, July 5, 2017

    How Seasons And Winter Solstice Works Animations

    Today I did my animation about how seasons work and winter solstice I learned that summer has the longest day and the shortest night in the year.

    Friday, June 30, 2017

    Intro to DigitTech

    Hour of code Moana
    we had to write about the moana game. The moana game is all about making the boat move to catch the fish. We had the options to move around the boat with the move buttons.

    Scratch- Animated digital story 'Abby and Devin'
    For our animation we gad to create our own animation then we had to write how to do it.
    In this work we had to write about Healthy living the Tamaki community.

    Thursday, June 29, 2017

    Email Etiquette

    Today for cyber smart, we had to make a DLO on a Email Etiquette. Then Mr Ashursh showed us a video about Email Etiquette. Email Etiquette means communication you have to be nice to other people and do not be rude to them.

    Wednesday, June 28, 2017

    The seven sisters

    Today my partner Tai and I have made a DLO about the seven sisters. Then we had to answer each question about the six sisters. The six sisters and their mother were sent to the sky to be the seven stars of Matariki.

    Tuesday, June 27, 2017

    How Do People Celebrate Winter Solstice

    Today me and Tai did how do people celebrate winter solstice. I chose Australia for this. It is interesting because some people celebrate by going to Antarctica and dig a hole and dive in the cold water.

    Friday, June 23, 2017

    Black Out Day

    Today it was P.B.S black out day . We had to wear all blacks because we are supporting all blacks some people dressed all red because they supported lions. We wear all black because we wish that all blacks will win against the lions. Then we went to the hall to watch two video about the lions vs all blacks video to make us even more excited and then all the kapa haka boys did the haka. Then we went outside and stand on the letters on the ALL BLACKS. Then we went to court and make a circle then Mr Wong took a video of us with his drone, passing the ball to each other and saying GO ALL BLACKS.

    Thursday, June 22, 2017

    Dance group B.

    Today Mrs Anderson took a video of our group, and they are Mataio,Fraidoon,Ofa. We just have to work out our Timing. Then we had a lot of moves to dance. Our favourite dance move was Staircase. It was really fun and cool. 

    Wednesday, June 21, 2017

    How Much Rubbish We Are Dropping

    In this graph it shows the amount of rubbish that the Auckland Council Community has found. It shows that there was a lot of snack food packaging. It also tells us that auto parts were the less amount of things that were found.

    Tuesday, June 20, 2017

    Soft Plastic Recycle

    Today Mrs Caroline went to our class and showed us how to know if it's soft plastic or hard plastic then she told us were to put your soft plastic. Mrs Caroline told us the 5 R's the five R's are Refuse,Reduce,Reuse,Recycle and Rot

    Thursday, June 15, 2017

    Group B dance group

    Today me and Ofa joined another group at dance, the other group as Fraidoon and Mataio. Our dance was stairs, triangle, and square then our group will do some more moves. Mrs Anderson recorded us while we are doing our dance. We just need to work out our timing and I think our group did a really good job of our dance.

    Thursday, June 8, 2017

    Group B Dance

    Today at dance we learned that our music needs to have the right beat, My partner was Ofa. So we chose the music called panda But the music need to be instrumental. We grouped up with the other group and they are Mataio and Fraidoon Our dance was stairs and square, we are gonna add more shape steps . Our music beet must match our dance.

    Thursday, June 1, 2017


    Today Lyric with Dallas and I started a Samoan DLO on Kilikiti is Samoan Cricket and it is a really popular sport in Samoa. Kilikiti has 10 to 20 people in each teams and the pat is called pate and this sport is traditional and a lot of Samoan people play this sport.

    Stretching sentence

    Monday, May 22, 2017

    Read Theory

    Today I did read theory I got a perfect score that means I got all of them right. Its cool because we had read first. When you are finished reading you answer all the question.

    Friday, May 19, 2017

    Place Values

    Me and my partner Dallas did some place values and we did 78 x 6.
    70 x 6. I did the solving fast because we just need to remove the zero and we just need to do 7 x 6 which equals 420.

    Thursday, May 18, 2017


    Today we did dance it was cool because my partner Ofa and me showed all our exercise and we did some free move and bound flow. The activity we did some Shapes so we did some square,circle,triangle.

    Wednesday, May 17, 2017

    The World of Maths

    Yesterday LS2 and LS1 worked together as a team at World Of Maths. There was five people in each groups and they were Villiami,Harlem,lyric and a girl from LS1. We did some fun activities and learning problem solving, we had to solve our problem as a team and we helped the LS1 people how to solve the problem solving. In this activity we had to put Mr red and Mr green, Mr white and there wife. Then we need to put the to them to the other island, if you put two people in the island together the boat will sink so that means the other people and go to the other island. We will need to leave one person at the boat so the boat will not sink and the person that is left behind has to put all people in the other island.

    Thursday, May 11, 2017


    Today we had a dance session with my partner Ofa. First we need to watch a video to see some warm up moves. Our moves was planks,push ups,set ups,squat after we finished planning our moves and the music then we need to partner up with the other groups then show their moves to us. They are Fraidoon and Mataio. Then we had to show them our moves and they need to comment about our moves. Warm up means to stretch up your body. It is really important to exercise because it can strengthen your muscles.

    Wednesday, May 10, 2017

    Making Connections

    L.I. Identify connections text to text, text to world and text to self
    Today we I did some text to text and text to world, text to self. It was about two people trying to be safe because there was a war. U.S.A vs Russia.

    Tuesday, May 9, 2017

    Reduce Reuse Recycle

    Today in Inquiry Zane,Harlem,Sky,Shakia and I worked together. It's was a bit easy because we worked together and there were two links and we had to read it and get information about people littering. Then we are working about people littering and NZ people are bad at recycling.


    today at tech we made our partners favourite sports,charters after we finished our friends favourite charter and sport we had to draw anything in a box we use a ruler

    Thursday, May 4, 2017

    Current Events

    Dallas and I worked together at current event. The currents even was about elephants getting killed for the ivory and selling them for money. China made decision at the end of 2017 they will stop selling ivory. Ivory is the elephants tusk. To get the tusk they will need to kill the elephants, if they keep killing elephants they might be no more elephants left.