Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wright brothers

The Wright brothers, Orville August 19 1871  January 30 1948 and Wilbur April 16, 1867 May 30 1912 were two American brothers inventors and invented the first plane successfully made it to fly Orville and Wilbur Wright designed and flew their Flyer plane in December 1903. 

Blog commenting

today i did blog commenting and i comment to liam's blog

How accurate are LS1 at throwing

Aung Naing0
This week learn how accurate is LS1 at throwing we give the bean bags to the people and let them shoot it t the bucket.
LI: to accurately collect data

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Common craft

This week we did Aviators and we did common craft 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Blast From The Past

LI: to identify features of an information report
LI: to infer information in a text

Information report

LI: to write an informative introduction.
today we made a brain storm about information report

Friday, November 18, 2016


Today i did trunsum and i did time table then I got all of them right I  answered in level 3


Today we did my can do and I did prototec and i got all of them right

Manu tukutuku

Text: Manu Tukutuku  

Read the text and record key words/phrases that answer these questions:

Moko(facial tatoo)

What? Manu Tukutuku and Manu Aute



Why? Watches them in the wind to predict who would win,

How? Competitions, Foretell the Future, Hang Gliders

LI: to identify features of an explanation text
LI: to summarise the information in a text



This week we did measuring and Mr Wong gives us a string to help us measure. when the end of the line then we put our nail at the string  then we measure it with a ruler in cm.then we put the answer at the paper,

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Blog commenting

Today i did blog commenting and i commented on liam blog

How Does s Air-plane Fly?

                     How Does a Airplanes Fly?

There are four forces of flight they are Drag, thrust, lift and weight. This four forces Helps the planes fly and landing.
Planes are really helpful for transporting to far distance and they are fast at moving to different places. The first plane to fly is in december 17.1903 the first person that fly  the airplanes is Ovilly. two brothers built the first plane.they are called Wright Brothers and they made the first plane

Planes are very unique.  There are different kinds of plane.
The maximum speed of a plane is completely dependent on the aircraft. The jumbo jet. Speed of 575 mph (Mach 0.85) at 35,000ft.1. As an airplane's propellers spin, they give the airplane a forward force (thrust). As the airplane moves forward there is a backward force (drag) caused by the resistance of the air.

Planes are really important when people want to go to different places.if there is no planes people can’t go too far places and different country.




Friday, November 11, 2016


Toady i did my timetable and i had to answer all of them


today i'm doing my can do and i got all of them right i did not find any hard questions


LI: to solve ratio problems using times tables.
This we had to answer the questions with ruler when we are done figuring out what is our answers we had to write it on the paper

Blog commenting

This week we went in the movies that the other school made.then we had to write a comment.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Third law of motion

This week for inquiry we had to do a poster about Newtons 3rd law.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Problem solving

we had to answer to read the questions so we know the answers
and we need to know if it a timetable or division.


             Teleportation Adventure

Josh and his friend Jake.They were bored they wonder if they can do something cool”. Jake ask josh’s dad if we can do anything for him. Jake said “can we help you?” Dad said “No thanks” Josh said “ok’ So we went to the candy store.It looks old Jake said”no one is here!’. Then we explore all around the candy store. And eat lots of lollies then we saw a light glowing Jake and Josh said “this is gonna be fun” Jake and Josh touched the glowing light the light turned into dark.Josh and Jake said “I wish we didn't do that” but it’s too late the dark glowing light is And we went in a place.

Then we went exploring then they saw a sign Jake and Josh read it said “this is the lost island and there were lots of people” Jake said “wait if this is the lost island.why there are so many people?” we tried to find a way to go back on my home we need tons of materials.Josh said “I’m an expert at this” jake said “really?” we had to go to the shops but jake said “there is no shops because is a lost island” we ask a guy we ask him.Josh said “what is your name?”my name is drake.Jake said “can you speak english?” drake said  “ yes i can” josh said “is there shops in here?”drake said “yes there is. You can see a shop there” ” jake said”good” josh and jake walked to the shop.

Josh said “we are here”josh and jake went inside the store there is nobody is inside Jake said “josh take a look at this it looks really cool”Josh said “we need to think how to go back to our house Josh and jake tried to find the materials when Josh tried to find the materials Josh run pass a paper it’s “how make a portal” Jake and Josh got all the materials after 7 days.Josh said”It’s time the professional make the portal”Jake said can I help?” 2 day later from building the portal they were so excited Josh and jake went inside the portal.

Josh and jake went into a different place josh and jake was freaked out Jake said”Josh you are not a professional” josh said”o” josh and jake was in france josh and jake saw the portal Josh said”i’m still a professional at this”and Josh and jake went into the portal Josh said”oops i forgot there is a keyboard and we had to type our location where we want to go”jake said “you waste my time!”Jake was really angry.Josh type the location Austrailia.

1 day later they ended up in australia and they ended up in the candy store  Jake and josh was happy and go back to their house and josh said”did you realize that my dad is worried on us!”when we went to our house.josh dad was waiting for us in the gate then josh’s dad is so angry and then we went inside the house dad said “where have you been ? I waited for 8 days””Josh said”sorry”josh’s dad is so angry.Jake said”I need to go home!” Josh said”ok”next morning I helped dad. It was cool helping my dad.I helped him cooking!.