Friday, September 1, 2017

food Tech

Today at tech we made an Oreo milk shake for our first day. At tech we had a new rotation and we're doing cooking. We need to have to get into 2 - 3 groups. My partner was Fraidoon and our teacher was Mrs Heka. We had to follow all the instructions to make an Oreo milk shake. We have our roles and my role was to dry the dishes, measuring the milk and measuring the chocolate syrup. My partners role was to get the ice cream, getting and crushing the Oreo and also washing the dishes.
 ingredients to make the Oreo milk shake

 - One packet of Oreo and crush it with a bowl
 - 2 cups of milk
 -  2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup 
 - 1 full cup of ice cream 
 - Mix all of the ingredients in the blender 
 - Pour it into a plastic up or glass and put some whip cream on it 

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