Thursday, December 14, 2017

Summer Learning Journey

Today Panmure Bridge School had an exciting morning because we had a special assembly to launch the 2017/2018 Summer Learning Journey. We would like to thank Rachel and all the visitors who attended the assembly and helped to make this journey possible. Thank you to our guests from the Woolf Fisher Research Centre, Next Foundation, Manaiakalani and our guests from our Board Of Trustees. I am looking forward to take part in the Summer Learning Journey over the holiday. also we had a free lunch.  This was called "Eat My Lunch". It was really delicious.

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  1. Kumusta Josh!

    A free lunch is always good! What kind of food did you have? We can't wait for you to take part in the Summer Learning Journey too!

    My name is Nicky and I am a blogger here at the Summer Learning Journey. I would encourage you to join us on the journey these holidays, going back in time in New Zealand's history. It's a free, online holiday blogging programme where you complete lots of online activities, post them on your blog and receive points for the ones you complete. It's a great way to practise your writing over the break!

    We hope you will join us. To find the activities, just follow this link:

    I look forward to blogging with you!

    Nicky :)