Thursday, December 14, 2017

Summer Learning Journey

Today Panmure Bridge School had an exciting morning because we had a special assembly to launch the 2017/2018 Summer Learning Journey. We would like to thank Rachel and all the visitors who attended the assembly and helped to make this journey possible. Thank you to our guests from the Woolf Fisher Research Centre, Next Foundation, Manaiakalani and our guests from our Board Of Trustees. I am looking forward to take part in the Summer Learning Journey over the holiday. also we had a free lunch.  This was called "Eat My Lunch". It was really delicious.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Christmas Challenge

This week we were set a challenge to use our smart searching skills to find out how Christmas is celebrated around the world. Our group worked collaboratively to find out about Christmas in Finland. We found out that in Finland their Santa is called "Joulupukki". Mataio Josh and I discovered that Christmas is celebrated a different day and is celebrated on 25 December. This screencastify is explaining our learning of our Finland study.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


 This week we have been learning about teamwork.
We took photos of us showing team work. This DLO above shows you how we show team work of us in Panmure Bridge School. While doing this I learned that when you are in a group with other people working together as a group to achieve or learn something new. 

Google Game

Today I have played this coding game from the Google logo game page and it is made out of scratch. It's about you controlling. This game requires you to use the arrow for the bunny so that it can move by it self to get the carrots. There are a lot of levels to complete finish.  I enjoined playing this game.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Tech Reflection

3D graphics 
At the 3D graphics I learned how to make 3D things, .
The teacher is called Ms Fergson.

 Digital Tech
At the Digital Tech I learned how to make a movies and games using scratch.
The teacher is called Ms Anderson.

Food Tech
At the Food Tech I learned how to make foods and how to use the Cooking equipment.
The Teacher is Mrs Heka.

I really enjoyed doing all of this fun activity's and learning a lot of things from these activity's

Hazel School Visit

On Friday Hazel came to Panmure Bridge School to talk about the Summer Learning Journey and to introduce the school about SLJ (summer learning journey). I think the summer learning journey is very important Tasks to do at the holidays because you can learn new skills and get even more smarter. Also she talks about the prizes and they are very cool

Social Science

On Friday we went to Tamaki collage and we have been split up into groups of 3 and they are Social Science, PE and Robotics. I was in Social Science with Ms Apelu. For Social Science I learned how to play Pursued. Pursued is a game where you can pick a level and it will put you to a random country and you have to guess the city names  by finding clues on any buildings, Cars. After that we went into a site called google earth to find Mrs Anderson holiday location. I have been researching different location for your next holiday, I researched a lot of location from google earth and I got France (Ain), France (Musee D'orsay), Utah USA (Zion National Park). I really had fun doing this activity with Ms Apelu.