Friday, October 14, 2016


         Haunted House
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Today in the morning when I was going to school. I ran past a haunted house that looked broken,messy,dark and creepy.

I was really scared but I saw a sign that said don’t touch any thing.So I decided to explore the  haunted house. I saw a ripped piece of paper and it.Said”this haunted house was a hospital before In 1996” and I saw another paper. It said leave or you will.

I don't know what it said because it's ripped when I was walking to the hallway I saw the ripped piece and it said “die”.

And I went down stairs and I got locked in.”How do I get out of here ” i saw a ghost.Then I saw a moving chair. I was trying to escape but I was too late.The ghost called the other ghost and there were heaps of them.

And I found a shovel. I digged down fast as I can.I digged for 5 hours.And suddenly the ground was a stone it's really hard to break.In 30 minutes I break out!!!!!!! “finally i'm out of the haunted house and I go home”.

then suddenly i freaked out it's 12:45
“My mum will be angry at me and I didn't go to school when I’m  walking on the way home. I run past a ghost “again” so I run fast as I can. Then suddenly I'm so tired.But I have to run. I saw my house.I was so close.I was excited to go Inside.Then is saw a guy I ask if can have a water and the guy throw the water battle in the wood it’s trap.And I fell down.”where is this taking me?”I went back to the haunted house and this time ghost are surrounding me and I die.

My mum is trying to wake  me up “son wake up you are almost late at school!”said mum

“Ahhhhhhh ”when I woke up I realised that was a creepy dream.

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  1. Wow Josh s
    This is a long story but you did put some detail in your story so keep up the great work Josh s